Unix Systems Programming
CSPP 51081

The Links Page

Index to Links

There are many electronic references on the Web, and I encourage you to explore. I have tried to pare down references to a managable size. Please send useful links to kaharris

Unix History

When you need to have some fun.

Computing Resources

Links to computing resources at the University of Chicago.

Introduction to Unix

These are useful links for getting started on Unix.

bash Shell

bash Shell resources.

Text Editing on Unix: emacs and vi

Choosing a text editor may be the most important decision you make. I use vi which is a text-based editor (I am old-fashioned.) Most people use emacs, which is a Gui text editor--windows, mouse control, color graphics. There is a Gui version of vi, vim, which looks very good as well. All are avaiavailable on the Linux cluster.

Unix Resources

These are useful reference links.

C Programming

Links on C programming.

Style Guide

Links on programming style and philosophy. You should choose one, read it carefully, and program yourself to follow it. The essence of style is clarity and consistency. Choose the guide that you are comfortable with and stick to it.

Programming Tools

There are a multitude of tools available for building programs. I have included links to three you will likely find useful for this class.

Systems Programming References

Socket Programming References

Thread Programming References