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There are many electronic references on the Web, and I encourage you to explore. I have tried to pare down references to a managable size. Please send useful links to

Java Background and History

Java Programming Tools

You can find a link for useful information about compiling and executing a Java program here. I have listed references to some of these options below.

JDK (Java Developement Kit) Tools.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Text Editors. Many text editors now have plugins which give you many of the nice features of an IDE, including the ability to compile and execute Java programs in the editor and command completion. I have links below.

Java Programming References

The books and resources I have posted below are all available on the web (although the books through Safari require access through a University of Chicago account.) Two very good and inexpensive books (link to Amazon) are

Online References: The first two texts were recommended for CS 102:

Programming Style Guide

The essence of style is clarity and consistency. Choose the guide that you are comfortable with and program yourself to follow it.

Text Editors

There are many free Text Editors out there and many have plugins available so that you may compile and run Java programs and do command completion in the text editor, just as with IDEs. All the editors below are free and available for any machine, and all can be found on the CS machines.

Introduction to Linux

These are useful links for getting started on Linux.

Computing Resources

Links to computing resources at the University of Chicago.

JavaServer Pages (JSP)

Kenneth Harris